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14th Region Girls Tournament Bracket to be Redrawn

HAZARD – February 24, 2022 – Brendon D. Miller

The 14th Region Girls Tournament bracket is going to be redrawn this evening.

The 14th Region Policy Board has issued this following statement regarding the situation:


This release is to inform the 14th Region member schools and the public that the 14th Region Girls Tournament will have to be redrawn at this time. 

In an effort to better the experience for the Girls Tournament by giving everyone involved more time for preparation, the 14th Region Policy Board did conduct the tournament draw on Wednesday of this week at Perry Central High School.  The Policy Board has been informed by the KHSAA that drawing the matchups for the tournament prior to all District Championship games being complete is not in line with Board of Control policy.  At the time of the draw, only the 53rd District Tournament was complete, while the 54th, 55th and 56th District Tournaments were not. 

Given this, the Policy Board has decided that the tournament will be redrawn after the 54th District Championship is completed this evening.  The Policy Board regrets any inconvenience or controversy that this matter may cause, and hopes that the situation will not diminish the upcoming girls tournament in any way.  The updated draw will be published this evening after it is conducted.

All Four QuarterFinal Games will be played this Sunday at John C. Combs Arena at Perry Central High School.

                                                                   Robert Scott Creech
Chairman, 14th Region Policy Board

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