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31st Annual WYMT Mountain Classic: Boys Semi Finals Night.

Knox Central vs Knott Central – Photo by Larry Robinson

Knox County defeats Knott County Central 74- 57.  Floyd County Central defeats Clay County 56-48.

December, 8th, 2017, Knott County Central High School – David Leveridge- High School Basketball

Boys Semi- Final game #1 Knox County Central Panthers vs the Knott County Central Patriots.

The WYMT Mountain Classic continued tonight, with two semi- final games of the Boys Bracket.  In the first game of the night Knox County Central from the 13th Region took on the Knott County Central Patriots on Knott County’s home court.  Knox County has been perceived as the favorite to not only win the classic, but also one of the favorites in the 13th Region.  Knott County can never be counted out and are a perineal favorite in the 14th Region.  Coach B.B. King has had a lot of success as the head coach of the Knott Central Patriots having won five out of the last seven 14th Regional Basketball Championships, and Knott County Central won the Mountain Classic in 2012.  The fans on both sides expected a great game and the anticipation the game brought before the tip is unmatched other than the Region.

First Quarter

From the opening tip Knox County Central sets the tempo, pushing the ball up the court, and being tenacious on defense with the full court press.  Knox County Central starts the game on a seven to zero run.  One of the plays saw #11 Turner throw down a one hand slam dunk in transition. Spectators were amazed and the Knott Central fans started to have concerns on how to stop the more athletic Knox Central team.  Knott Central gets on the scoreboard as #11 Slone scores two points on the layup.  Knox Central answers with a three at the other end, and lead 10-2 over Knott Central 5:36 remaining in the quarter. Knott settles down and begins to chip away at the lead, reducing the deficit to six points 12-6 with 3:47 remaining in the quarter.  Knox County Central finishes the quarter strong and takes a nine- point lead at the end of the quarter, Knox Central 21- Knott Central 12.

Second Quarter

Knox County Central opens the second quarter with a full court pressing defense.  The defense really made it hard for Knott to get the ball up the court, resulting in turnovers and easy baskets in transition.  Knox continued to increase the lead and held Knott from scoring for nearly four minutes of the quarter.  4:04 remains in the quarter, the Panthers of Knox Central has developed a comfortable lead of fifteen points.  Knox County Central 30- Knott County Central 15.  Knox County’s #11 Turner continued his impressive play, scoring the ball on the ten -foot floater in the lane, and the lead grows to seventeen points.  Knox County Central 34- Knott Central 17.  Knox County central takes a fifteen- point lead to the locker room at halftime, Knox County 34- Knott Central Patriots 19.

Third Quarter

Knott Central comes out of the break refocused and played their best quarter of the game.  Knott Central began to make shots, and thus providing the team with much needed confidence against a bigger, more athletic team.  Knox continued to score the ball, but the Patriots could counter with a basket at the other end.  Knott Central #25 scores three points and the lead is cut to twelve points with 2:55 remaining in the quarter.  Knox Central #11 answers on the other end with a jump shot from the top of the key on the next play, Knott Central #3 Slone scores three points and the lead has been cut to eleven points.  Knox Central 46- Knott Central 35 1:06 remains in the quarter.  The teams trade baskets on the next couple of possessions and Knox Central goes into the fourth quarter with an elven point lead.  Knox Central 50- Knott Central 39.

Fourth Quarter

Knox County sensed the Patriots of Knott County had the momentum and puts the game out of reach in the fourth quarter, eliminating any chance of a Knott Central comeback.  Knox Central scores the first nine points of the quarter and quickly develops a twenty- point lead 59-39, 5:49 remains in the quarter.  During this run Knox Central #11 Turner provides another one hand dunk in transition, again treating the spectators to an incredible basketball play.   Knott County Central gets on the board with 5:15 left in the quarter and the lead is cut to eighteen points.  Knott Central goes on an unanswered run and the Knox lead is cut to fourteen points with 3:11 remaining in the game.  Knox Central 63- Knott 49.  Knox Central answers and the teams trade baskets to finish the quarter.  During one of the last plays of the game Knox County’s #11 Turner provides another crowd pleasing dunk, his third of the night.  The first two dunks were impressive, but this one was special.  Turner has the ball in his hands, bringing up the ball from the half court, drives to the goal, makes several Patriot defenders miss and finishes the play with the dunk, dunking over a Patriot defender.  Knox Central defeats Knott County Central 74-57, and advances to the Championship game of the WYMT Mountain Classic.

Game #2 Boys Semi- Finals Floyd County Central Jaguars vs the Clay County Tigers.

In the second game of the night.  Newly established Floyd County Central Jaguars from the 15th Region battled the Clay County Tigers from the 13th Region.  Floyd Central is a newly established school opening this year with the Combination of South Floyd and Allen Central.  This is the first year Floyd County Central has competed in the WYMT Mountain Classic.  Clay County has a rich Basketball tradition and one of the most successful Basketball teams in our area.  People think Clay County Basketball, the 1988 State Champion Clay County Tigers comes to mind.  The team was lead by future University of Kentucky Wildcat and former agriculture commissionaire Richie Farmer.  Clay County has also been a consistent 13th Regional Champion and WYMT Mountain Classic participant.   Clay County has won the WYMT Mountain Classic on several occasions.

First Quarter

Floyd Central scores the first basket scoring on the opening possession of the game.  Clay County soon ties the game @ 2 on the next possession.  Both teams open the game with a fast- paced offense that likes to push the ball up the court.  The teams trade baskets the first couple of possessions.  Clay County’s #5 Robinsons scores two points and Clay County has an early six- point lead.  Clay 10- Floyd Central 4 with 1:44 remaining in the quarter.  Floyd Central comes storming back with some hot shooting by # 33 Kyle Isaac’s.  Isaac connects on two three- point baskets and the Clay County lead is reduced to two points at the end of the first quarter.  Clay County 12- Floyd County Central 10.

Second Quarter

Clay County has a difficult time scoring the ball in the second quarter, and Floyd County Central gets hot from behind ARC.  Clay County scores two points on the opening possession of the quarter and increases the lead to four points with 7:30 remaining in the half 14-10.  On Floyds Central next possession J.R. Tackett makes a three- point basket, reducing the lead to one point.  Floyd Central is able to get the ball up the court and push the ball into transition.  #33 Kyle Isaac continues his impressive shooting, connecting on two more three- point attempts.  Floyd Central is now leading by eight points 23- 15 with 3:09 remaining in the half.  Floyd Central finishes the half on an 8-0 run and leads by seventeen points at intermission.  Floyd County Central 32- Clay County 15.  

Third Quarter

Clay County Struggled to score the ball in the second half, improves the scoring allowing the Tigers to be competitive in the quarter.  Clay County scores the ball with 6:30 remaining in the quarter as Robinson scores two points on the layup.  Robinson of Clay County scores another basket and the lead is cut to fourteen points.  Floyd Central 33- Clay County 19 6:10 remains in the quarter.  Floyd Central answers with a run of its own and the lead is extended to nineteen points.  Floyd Central 40- Clay County 21 4:26 remains in the quarter.  The teams trade baskets on the next couple of possessions.  Floyd Central J.R. Tackett scores two points on the fast break and Floyd Central regains a twenty- point lead.  Floyd Central’s largest lead of the night. Clay County makes another run and deficit is reduced to thirteen points in the closing minute of the half.  At the half Floyd Central leads Clay County by thirteen points.  Floyd Central 46- Clay County 33.

Fourth Quarter

Clay County plays their best basketball of the night, reducing the lead to single digits in the closing minutes of the game.  Clay County opens the quarter scoring the ball on the opening possession.  Clay County reduces the deficit to eleven points with 7:40 remaining in the quarter.  Floyd Central sensing the game was starting to slip away goes on a 5- 0 run and again established a comfortable fifteen- point lead.   J.R. Tackett of Floyd County Central provides a spectacular play scoring the ball on the Euro step and finishing with the layup.  Floyd Central 52- Clay County 37 5:06 remains in the quarter.  Clay County scores three points and the lead is cut to twelve points.  Floyd Central attempts to slow down the ball and makes Clay County start to foul, stopping the clock.  Floyd Central doesn’t shoot the ball well from the charity stripe and Clay County keeps the game close as #0 Curry hits back to back three’s and the lead is cut to six points with 54.8 seconds remaining in the game.  Floyd Central 53- Clay County 47.  The crowd on both sides were now very heavily involved, with the fan bases standing and cheering on their respective teams.  Floyd Central holds off a strong rally from the Clay County Tigers, and goes on to defeat the Clay County Tigers by eight points.  Floyd County Central Jaguars 56- Clay County Tigers 48.

Boys 31st Annual WYMT Mountain Basketball Classic Championship is set.

Floyd Central advances to the Championship game of the WYMT Mountain Classic.  Floyd Central takes on the Knox County Central Panthers on Saturday, December, 9th, 2017 @ 8:30 pm.  Clay County falls to the consolation game of the bracket and will battle the Knott County Central Patriots for third place in the Boys bracket on Saturday, December, 9th, 2017 @ 5pm.

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