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BSN to Webcast Jackson City and Breathitt Graduations!!!

Wolfe County and Hazard graduations to be on Video!!

JACKSON – May 13, 2020 – Brendon D. Miller

To honor the Class of 2020, Bluegrass Sports Nation will be bringing you two local graduations by LIVE Webcast and two by Video!! In this most unusual and unprecedented time in which the 2020 Seniors have had to complete their high school days isolated at home through NTI days, drive thru and video graduations are all that can be had for our great young people of the Mountains. Unfortunately, such formats, along with mandated limits on attendance due to government recommendations and social distancing, will not allow some family members, and the general public, to see the Seniors graduate.

To give the Seniors their Day to Shine, both Jackson City School and Breathitt County High School will be conducting nontraditional graduations.

Jackson City will be conducting their graduation ceremony with Seniors in their vehicles in a single location and each will come forward individually and receive their diploma when announced.

Breathitt County will be conducting a “Moving – Drive Thru” graduation in which the Seniors will drive up individually and then exit their vehicle and and receive their diploma.

Other area institutions, Wolfe County High School and Hazard High School are conducting Video graduations in which each student is individually recognized and receives their diploma in an individual video at scheduled times. The individual filmings for each will then be compiled into a single ceremony presentation for viewing.

BSN has been invited by the administration of each Jackson City School and Breathitt to Webcast each graduation this coming weekend LIVE. This will give the entire public the ability to see each of the graduates be honored, and Walk Across the Stage!!!

Wolfe County High School conducted their graduation earlier this week and will be providing BSN with that compiled video to upload to the BSN Youtube Channel and post to our website later on in the week, hopefully by Friday. BSN will also have coverage of the Wolfe County Senior Ride event in Campton on Friday evening.

Hazard High School will be conducting their video graduation this weekend and will be providing BSN that compiled video to upload to the BSN Youtube Channel and post to our website next week.

BSN is also hopeful that we will be able to provide the video graduation that will be taking place at Powell County High School, once same is completed and compiled.

The Jackson City School graduation will be held on Friday, May 15th at 6:00 PM at the Jackson First Church of God on Highway 30 West. We will begin our LIVE feed as soon as the administration is ready to proceed at approximately 6:00 PM.

The Breathitt County High School graduation will be held on Saturday, May 16th, at 3:00 PM with Seniors lining up at Sebastian Elementary School, and a ceremony outside in front of Breathitt High School. The Seniors will drive from SES in a parade and family and friends can line up along the parade route along Highway 15. We will begin our LIVE feed as soon as the administration is ready to proceed at approximately 3:00 PM.

BSN will attempt to do the LIVE feed on dual platforms, both the Bluegrass Sports Nation Facebook Page, and the Bluegrass Sports Nation Youtube Channel. From our previous webcasts, we have learned that it is certainly easier for those watching on a smart TV for larger crowds to be able to view on Youtube and those with a mobile device to view on Facebook. There are some technical issues with this, but at a minimum it will be on the Facebook Page, but hopefully both. We will make a post if using Youtube will not be possible.

To receive a notification on Facebook of the event going LIVE, LIKE our Facebook Page and SUBSCRIBE to the BSN Youtube Channel for a notification.

Congratulations to our Seniors!!! The majority of what we have done with BSN since its inception (outside college and pro sports) has been to highlight our local young people through athletics. However, in my many roles, owner of BSN, Breathitt County Attorney, community member, and father of two teenagers, I, and my staff, am/are proud to be able to use BSN to support and recognize all our young people, not just the athletes, and give them their Time to Shine!!!

If any other area High Schools wish to provide coverage of their graduation to BSN, please let us know. We want to honor as many of our Mountain young people as possible!

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