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Coming to you From the Jungle; All Access for the Fans

Content by Seth Tanner –

Bengals fans, I’m thrilled to say our new docuseries, From the Jungle: Bengals All Access, will premiere Tuesday, August 29th at noon on Youtube and with airings on television starting September 9th. From the Jungle is a behind-the-scenes cinematic journey that will bring you closer to the team, the players, and the community that supports Bengals football.

Why embark on this adventure today? For starters, this isn’t just a show – it’s our chance to tell our own story. To peel back the curtain and let you in on the inner workings of the organization. Through behind-the-scenes content, you’ll witness the sweat, the camaraderie, the strategies, and the emotions that define our organization.

This isn’t just about the snap-to-whistle play on the field. It’s about an exciting and transformative chapter in Bengals’ history. It’s about capturing the very essence of our players’ personalities, the special locker room camaraderie that fuels our victories, and the unique culture that makes us who we are.

With millions of fans joining us from every corner of the globe, it’s only fitting that we share our story with them. From The Jungle is more than just a series; it’s a gateway for our new fans to understand the passion, the dedication, and the unparalleled spirit of being part of the Bengals family.

You might ask, how is From The Jungle: Bengals All Access different from other sports docuseries? It’s simple – this one’s made by us, for us. It captures the nuances, the authenticity, and the very soul of Cincinnati. We’re diving deep into this trend of behind-the-scenes storytelling, but with a Bengals twist. Every episode is narrated by a unique voice, a main character whose perspective unravels the magic that happens both on and off the field.

Our in-house Content team has already proven its merit, topping the NFL charts for engagement rate with our short-form content, putting on a top-4 gameday show at Paycor Stadium per league data, and providing exclusive gameday insights on our existing show Bengals Weekly. Now, brace yourselves for something even bigger – long-form video that will weave together the fabric of our season, highlighting what truly sets us apart.

So, mark your calendars, Who Dey Nation. The journey begins with the first episode, “Heartbeat” narrated by Head Coach Zac Taylor premiering at noon on August 29th. Set your reminders, tune in on or our YouTube channel, and get ready to be immersed in a world of Bengals football.

This isn’t just a show. This is our story. From our jungle to yours, let’s come together and celebrate the spirit of Cincinnati Bengals football like never before. Who Dey!

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