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Kentucky Gets Embarrassed by Alabama 49-21

Photo: UK Athletics

Lexington, Ky – November 11, 2023 – Michael Willis

The Wildcats ran onto Kroger field for the last time of the 2023 season earlier today to face the Crimson Tide. The fans were hopeful that their 6-win Kentucky team could pull off the upset that hasn’t happened since 1997, but it didn’t take long for the Big Blue Nation hopes to fade when Alabama scored the first three touchdowns of the game in the first quarter.

The Cats looked unprepared on both sides of the ball and scored their only touchdown of the first half when the Tide dropped a punt that set the Cats up for an easy score. Defensively, Kentucky stood their ground better in the second quarter allowing only one touchdown. However, Alabama scored 21 points in the second half and deflated any chance of a comeback. Bama went on to win the contest 49 to 21.

The Crimson Tide’s defense was a hard matchup for Devin Leary who only completed 17 of his 31 passes. Leary ended the game with 158 yards and one passing touchdown. Ray Davis found little success in the running game and only gained 26 yards in 12 attempts. Ramon Jefferson had the only highlight play for the Wildcats with a 74-yard rushing play late in the game.

Kentucky’s defense did very little to slow the Tide’s offense down and allowed them to score seven touchdowns. They averaged 17.8 yards per pass completion and completed 7 of their 11 third downs. The Wildcats also did not have any quarterback sacks for the game which appeared to be only of Bama’s few weaknesses pre-game. 

Now that Kentucky has 6 wins and 4 losses it is crucial to gain at least one more win against South Carolina or Louisville to be considered for a decent bowl game. With both games being on the road it will not be an easy task for the Cats. Kentucky will face Gamecocks next Saturday at 7:30.

Game Summary: 

1st Quarter:

Kentucky wins the toss and Alabama will receive to start the game. Alabama scores the first touchdown of the game on a 26-yard pass to Amari Niblack. [UK 0 Bama 7] The Crimson Tide added another touchdown to their total with a 40-yard pass to Kobe Prentice. [UK 0 Bama 14] A forced fumble set Alabama up for their third touchdown of the quarter with a quarter back sneak. [UK 0 Bama 21] Kentucky scores their first touchdown of the game with a 6-yard pass from Devin Leary to Tayvion Robinson. [UK 7 BAMA 21]

2nd Quarter:

Alabama adds another touchdown with a 26-yard pass to Roydell Williams. [UK 7 Bama 28]

3rd Quarter:

Ray Davis scored the first points of the second half on a 2-yard rush. [UK 14 Bama 28] Alabama scored on their next drive on a 3-yard. [UK 14 Bama 35]

4th Quarter:

Alabama scores on the first play of the first quarter on a one yard run. [UK 14 Alabama 42] Another score by Alabama on a three-yard rush by Jamarion Miller. [UK 14 Bama 49] Kentucky Scores after a 74-yard rush by Ramon Jefferson. [UK 21 Alabama 49]

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