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KHSAA: Frequently Requested and Asked Questions Regarding Resumption of Sports and Sport-Activities

LEXINGTON – August 5, 2020

Are there Limitations on Competitors in Various Sports?

Yes. In an effort to help ensure appropriate social distancing, the following restrictions and adaptations were approved for the fall sports, in most cases matching existing postseason restrictions. This will be an aid as game guidance is developed to help ensure that the bench areas contain fewer players, and more social distancing is implemented. There will likely be limitations on non-uniformed competitors in the final game guidance once approved.

  • The limitation for field hockey, soccer, and volleyball is established at the region and state limitations.  Field hockey and soccer may have 24 players in uniform and participating in warm-ups and competition while volleyball will be permitted 15 players in uniform and participating in warm-ups and competition.
  • Cross Country will be permitted a team entry not to exceed 10 runners, the current postseason roster limitation. Additional runners, as have always been permitted as individuals, may possibly be allowed depending upon the decisions of meet management and within overall meet limits as may be approved in the Healthy at Sports final documents for competition.
  • The limitation for football at any game is established at sixty (60) players in uniform and participating in warm-ups and competitions

When will fall postseason adjustments/revisions/plans be made?

Currently, those decisions will be finalized at the September Board of Control Meeting. If action takes place prior to that time, the membership will be notified. As of now, the guidelines to return to play will need to be continually monitored and under review. Our efforts are focused on the finalization of the Healthy at Sport Guidance to be in place on or before August 24. We will give postseason guidance at a later date.

Specifically for Cheer/Dance, can we practice mounts and stunting?

No, not until further notice. In addition, we advise that any group work takes place outdoors when possible.

Can we schedule freshmen, JV, Varsity contests on the same night if we space out and clean? (including XC races with different levels)

  • The (hopefully) final determination will be made with the Healthy at Sport document and its release prior to August 24.
  • At this point, consideration should be taken with regard to scheduling to minimize exposure and allow for sanitation between contests.
  • It’s advisable to initially limit to one contest per night and only extend to multiple contests when the same set of schools is involved in all games. Even then, there should be time between games for the sanitization of equipment and restrooms.
  • In any case, where additional schools are involved, there must be time between contests for egress of fans and participants, sanitization of equipment and restrooms, ingress of the teams for the next game.
  • Consideration should also be given in large roster sports to holding Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman contests on separate nights.

Are officials permitted to work intrasquad scrimmages so they can get some work in on the field/court?

  • While that is an individual official’s decision, certainly working scrimmages of some type is preferred to help prepare for the season.
  • Compensation for scrimmages is by mutual agreement between the host school and the official(s).

Concerning the 8 team limit, is this per facility or time block? If a school has two gyms or fields could they host a 16 team event with the 8 teams separated accordingly?

  • Be mindful that the restriction is to limit individuals for the purpose of ensuring social distancing.
  • Although the final Healthy at Sports document will contain more details, there should be considerations in scheduling for regular cleaning of the equipment and the playing facility.
  • It could be possible, depending on the final approved guidance and if the venue contained multiple separate playing facilities, that play could be conducted in those separate venues provided that teams weren’t using both during the same segment. But that detail will come at a later date.

What about Christmas Tournaments, Spring Breaks Trips and other out of state travel in future winter and sports seasons?

  • While the desire for long-range planning is understandable and can result in cost savings, keep in mind the virus is making things remain fluid. At this point, such travel is not permitted.
  • Schools are advised that any long-range planning including travel arrangements should include opt-outs in the event travel restrictions or other stipulations are put in place to allow for cancellation if state or local rules preclude travel.

What are the ramifications for a member school or official school representative if a school athletic program fails to follow directives of the Commissioner, Board of Control, or other Department of Education or Department of Health in the case where an event just “does what it wants”?

  • Each member school annually signs a membership agreement that certifies as to compliance with directives and orders. As such, violations are subject to penalty in compliance with Bylaw 27 including cancellation or suspension of a single event or an entire season.
  • In addition, representatives take on a high level of legal liability and likely loss of insurance coverage for violations. Particularly important is adherence to health and safety guidelines including all guidance surrounding the resumption of sports during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • In addition, there are obvious public health hazards related to the potential spreading of the virus, which could ultimately lead to a shutdown period in participation.
  • It is also worthy to note that with the exception of golf, no sport or sport-activity has KHSAA catastrophic insurance coverage until the official start of the practice for the season, currently set for August 24th.

Are there issues related to face coverings/masks for bench personnel, coaches, participants, officials as well as officiating guidance and future seasons?

  • All of these questions will be answered as final consideration and approval to the Healthy at Sports document is given.
  • The stated goal is to have those in member schools representative’s hands on or before August 24.

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