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Post-Game Interview with Wolfe Co. Lady Wolves Head Coach Gary Brown

BSN: Bluegrass Sports Nation – we’re here in Breathitt Co today. Girls 14th region all A championship. Wolfe County Lady Wolves. Coach Gary Brown – 14th region champions. Tell us what you’re feeling right now.

BROWN: Kinda unbelievable feeling right there. I told my girls in there I’ve played 5 years in HS trying to win one of these and coached about 20 years trying to win one of them. We’ve come up short a couple of times. Feels really good to be on the other side of it.

BSN: Phenomenal game here tonight folks with Leslie County. You came out 65-55. 4th quarter was the difference in this game. Tell us a little about the 4th quarter.

BROWN: We were huge in the 4th right there. I kind of held off playing man-to-man until the 4th. I tried to hold it off as long as I could. We went man and really really locked them down.

BSN: Well now, you had Hallie Smith there who had 23 in the game – really led you. Talk about her performance in the game.

BROWN: She played great. I depend on her to do so much. She had hurt her leg a couple of weeks ago when we were in Berea – she kind of rounded herself back into shape. She was phenomenal today.

BSN: Now going into the end of the game, you guys just filled it up from the free throw line. You had some big 3’s in the 4th quarter. Talk about those 3 pointers there.

BROWN: We worked on those the last couple of days. A lot of these teams are playing these defenses against us so I try to get my girls to get the seams of the zone and we circle back to that pitch out 3. We’ve done nothing but do that the last few days working on that. We hit ‘em today.

BSN: You go 20 of 22 on the free throw line in a close game. That’s big. Tell us about how you prepared for that situation.

BROWN: We shoot free throws every day. We were top 2 or 3 in the state I think last year. We’re 7th rate this year. That’s kind of a daily ritual for us. We do our conditioning and do our free throws – shooting them while we’re tired.

BSN: Gary, talk about what it’s going to be like in Campton here this evening – Sunday night. Regional champions, man.

BROWN: I’m sure it’ll be wild. My girls are crazy and they can’t wait to get back out there. We’ve worked all summer towards this. I kept telling them all year long we could do this. I don’t think some of them believed me but they’re kind of believers now.

BSN: Good luck at the state tournament. We’re all behind you here in the 14th region. Best of luck to you.

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