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14th Region Basketball

Tincher Scores 37 as the Lady Tigers Fall at Lee County

Kennah Wright - photo by Wallace Caleb Bates - Bluegrass Sports Nation

Four players scored in double figures for the Lady Kats.

January 25, 2021 – BRADLEY CHARLES

On Monday night, the Jackson City Lady Tigers played at Lee County. The Lady Tigers were shorthanded without their junior point-guard Riley Turner. Despite a 37-point performance for Jackson City junior forward BreAnna Tincher, the Lady Kats picked up a 53-42 victory.

In the First Quarter:
Tincher scored 10 points, and sophomore center Brianna Kayatin scored two points for the Lady Tigers. Lee County was led in scoring by eighth-grader Pressley Cundiff, who recorded six points. Going into the second quarter, Jackson City led 12-11.

In the Second Quarter:
The Lady Kats’ Hannah Bowling led all scorers with six points, while Tincher and Adeline Turner each scored for the Lady Tigers. Lee County led 22-20 at halftime.

In the Third Quarter:
Coach Matt Watterson’s team outscored Jackson City 15-6 as Bowling and Cundiff combined to score 12 points. Going into the final quarter, the Lady Kats led 37-26.

In the Fourth Quarter:
Tincher recorded 16 points for the Lady Tigers, but Kennah Wright and Brooke Phillips combined to score 13 points for Lee County. The final score was 53-42 in favor of the Lady Kats.

Scoring by Quarters1st2nd3rd4thTotal
Jackson City12861642
Lee County1111151653

Jackson City: BreAnna Tincher 37, Adeline Turner 3, Brianna Kayatin 2.

Lee County: Pressley Cundiff 13, Hannah Bowling 12, Kennah Wright 12, Brooke Phillips 11, Aleaha Combs 3, Taylor Back 2.

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