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14th Region VB Championship – Image Gallery – 10-28-20

photo by Wallace Caleb Bates

JACKSON – October 29, 2020

Pics from the 14th Region Championship match!!! Wolfe County wins their first Region Championship over an excellent group from Knott Central.

Photos by Wallace Caleb Bates!!

You are free to download and share as you please as we always do here at BSN!!

There are 4 tabs of pictures, so click through all tabs and pics to see pics of both teams.

Sorry, we do not do pics on Facebook, so here is how to operate the gallery and download pics:
On PC or Laptop: (Best process) – Open picture in gallery, right click on the picture and “save image as” to your drive and then share from there.
On Mobile: (May take multiple tries to get high resolution photo) This process works flawlessly on a Samsung, but some people have problems with Iphones: Open pic in gallery, press down on picture, menu will pop up allowing you to save or share the pic.

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