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Fairce O. Woods Coliseum Damaged by Fire, Full Extent of Damage to be Determined

Smoke filled Fairce O. Woods Coliseum after the fire was extinguished - photo by Brendon D. Miller - Bluegrass Sports Nation

JACKSON – May 3, 2020 – Brendon D. Miller

Venerable Fairce O. Woods Coliseum was damaged by a fire which began just after 11:00 am earlier today. Thankfully, due to the quick response by the Jackson Fire Department, assisted by other Breathitt County local fire departments, the Coliseum was saved. According to Fire Department members on the scene, the Coliseum was virtually within minutes of being a total loss as the fire was spreading quickly from the origin within the structure’s walls.

The Breathitt County School System has issued a Press Release regarding the incident. (Click link below)

Investigation of the cause is ongoing, but is believed to be the result of roofing work that was taking place. BSN was able to talk with City of Jackson Fire Department Chief Chase Deaton after the incident:

Jackson Fire Chief Chase Deaton

The extent of the damage will have to be determined by structural engineers as the heat and fire was being transported along a metal beam at the top of the Coliseum wall that extends around the entire top of the structure at the roof line. The integrity of the structure will be evaluated.

Burn damage on stage wall – Brendon D. Miller/BSN

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the Coliseum was not going to be used for graduation for the BHS Class of 2020, or the effects of the fire would have been even more severe.

Water and smoke damage to the scoreboard next to the stage along with burn damage above – Brendon D. Miller/BSN
Heat damage from heat inside wall over doors beside stage – Brendon D. Miller/BSN
Burn damage to roof outside – Brendon D. Miller/BSN

More pictures of the damage to come.

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