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The End is Only the Beginning

Breathitt Seniors - photo by Brendon D. Miller - Bluegrass Sports Nation

 JACKSON – November 2, 2019 – Casey Allen – Bluegrass Sports Nation

As a young boy in Breathitt County you dream of playing under the Friday Night Lights on the River Bank. For me, it all started in Elementary School playing for the Marie Roberts Caney Redskins. I couldn’t wait to be a Bobcat and play for legendary coach Mike Holcomb. Growing up my heroes weren’t Superman or Batman, my heroes were Bobcats like Kyle Moore, Johnathan Chapman, Kenneth “Shorty” Combs, Jeremy Noble, and of course my older brother Bradley Allen. I would often times imitate them in the backyard. That fantasy soon became my reality.

As a Freshman, I couldn’t believe that I had finally made it. I was sick to my stomach with excitement the day I walked into the “Den.” It was finally my chance to live the dream. The next four years went by like a blink of an eye. The dream of playing came with its ups and downs. Highs as starting on the offensive line my freshman year to being named to the Louisville Courier-Journal’s 1st Team All-State football team highlighted my high school career. I had my share of low lights as I didn’t play my sophomore year due to immaturity and missed my junior season due to a torn ACL.

I share this with you because Friday night was senior night for a special group of Bobcats. These Bobcats have endured some tough seasons. Their freshman year the Bobcats went 4-7, their sophomore season they matched that at 4-7, their junior season finished at 8-4, and now as seniors they just capped off an undefeated regular season at 10-0. Nothing worth having comes easy, and there is no substitute for hard work. This group of seniors have put the work in. The regular season may have ended, but for this group of Bobcats….it’s only the beginning.

To the seniors, I hope you think back to when you were a young boy, dreaming of playing for the Bobcats, and you realize just how special of a fraternity that truly is. As a former Bobcat, I speak for all of the alumni when I say we are proud of you. As a coach, it’s an honor and privilege to share the sideline with you, and as a fan…you have brought a community together. What you just accomplished is something very ever have . . a perfect regular season. But it is much, much bigger than a 10-0 record. You have created memories that will last a lifetime. You have created a brotherhood with your teammates that will always be there. You have reestablished the foundation of Breathitt County Football and have placed this program back in the State Championship conversation.

Being a football player isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would do it. While you were practicing in 100- degree heat in July, most of your friends were on vacation or playing video games under an air conditioner. While you were in an ice bath to help with recovery after practice, your friends were taking a nap. You have given a champions effort. You have exemplified what it means to be a Breathitt Bobcat both on and off the field. 10-0 has come and gone, but it is only the beginning. Nothing is guaranteed from this point on, you win and advance, or you lose, and you hang your shoulder pads up for the last time. Regardless, leave it all on the field. Make your dreams of playing for a State Championship in a Bobcat uniform a reality. Finish what you started when you were just a kid. The End of the regular season is only the beginning.

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