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Breathitt Basketball

Breathitt Middle Basketball 8th Grade Ceremony

Breathitt Middle School 8th Grade Bobcats - photo by Brendon D. Miller - Bluegrass Sports Nation

JACKSON – February 14, 2021 – BRENDON D. MILLER

Breathitt Middle School Basketball celebrated their 8th Graders on Saturday afternoon between the 7th and 8th Grade games with Fleming-Neon in the PE Gymnasium at Breathitt High School. The Bobcats won both games and pics from both games will be posted separately.

Sorry if the color is a little red in some places, but that yellow floor in the gym is just really difficult to deal with for pics, especially with white uniforms. To save and share a pic, left click on the photo and “save image as” to your hard drive and share. On mobile, press down on pic and either download or share.

8th Grade Bobcats

8th Graders Brayden Johnson, Jason Tolson, Austin Barker, Leland Hurt, Kory Combs, Vincent Bowling, L.J. Noble, Brantlee Campbell, Jadon Hamilton, Sawyer Hall, and Jordan Shoemaker were honored! Congratulations!!

Brayden Johnson and family.
Jason Tolson and mother Lori Tyra

Austin Barker and family
Leland Hurt and family
Kory Combs and family
Vincent Bowling and family
L.J. Noble and family
Brantlee Campell and family
Jadon Hamilton and family
Sawyer Hall and family
Jordan Shoemaker and family

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